Get started with your book mini course

7 step courseNext date:  4th September 2017

After running this course as a free challenge for three months with amazing results, I am really excited to offer this course as a paid course at the early bird price of £33. The early bird ends on 26th of August, so don’t wait to sign up.

It comprises seven crucial steps to complete before you even write a word of your inspirational book.

It will help you get super clear on the book you are supposed to write at this point in time, not by thinking it through but by feeling it through. Most writers write with their heads and they get stuck. The mind is a big trap. You can really get stuck in there. To avoid this trap, you should write your book with your heart. You need to have connected energetically to it. My course will help you do that.

My course draws on the ten years of experience I have gathered both as a writer, an energy worker and a clinical hypnotherapist. I really believe that I can make you write. I write beautiful meditations that unblock people and get them creative.

To reach that place of clarity, we will use feng shui, meditation, energy clearing and intent. You will go on a date with your book to find out what it wants from you. You will be clear on its purpose.

Most people start writing a book and get stuck on chapter three because they don’t have clarity about what their book is really about or why they are writing it. Save yourself the trouble and get clear first. But if you are in that position already, then the challenge can help you to reset your book and give it a fresh start.

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